Yoga Fri-yays 

Staying healthy is one of our top priorities.

Our job keeps us glued to our comfortable chairs most of the time with minimal physical activity. Although they are designed to relieve us from back pain, humans do need some physical balance for a healthier life. And this is why we introduced the Friday evening Yoga sessions.

Using basic Yoga Asanas, our two professional gurus train us on how to connect our physical body with our soul in order to relax and attain the equilibrium of self-control.  Thereby to stretch and strengthen our seldom used muscles codes through breathing, exercising, and meditation.

The sessions welcome the entire staff at ISM SL and it was eminent to see our country head join us despite his busy schedules.

And most importantly, spending time at the yoga sessions has positively turned out to result in creating more time for the ISM APAC family to mingle and relax together.