Women's Day Celebrations - 2018 

All our women at ISM APAC have contributed immensely to the progress of our company. Thus on 8th of March 2018, we took time to recognize their efforts and to thank our ladies for the tremendous contribution they give for ISM APAC to move forward as a successful-global entity.

The event began with the Dutch Ambassador, HE Joanne Doornewaard, who joined us to share her inspiring story about how small decisions could lead to exploit life-changing actions. Her story was followed by one of our owns, Mrs. Udayangani Jayamannah who is a senior front-end developer at ISM APAC, a caring mother to a sweet baby girl, a nature lover, a successful entrepreneur, and an inspiring example to all of us. She was raised in the land of Polonnaruwa where flora and fauna are what kept her accompanied.  As a young lady, she had to face many challenges and surmount many obstacles to become the fortuitous entrepreneur of a herbal cosmetics line and a leading developer at ISM APAC.

While admiring her work towards the betterment of the company as well as the value she added to the Sri Lankan cosmetics industry, ISM APAC did not forget to share how young women like Tharani Thantthriwatte as the assistant manager of Business Development, Varuni Wakwella as a project manager and Harshani Ranawaka as a technical manager, led teams to achieve higher goals while grooming their teams to excel in their careers. The event followed with two surprise videos and an audio by a father and two husbands of our ladies expressing their happiness to have such wonderful women in their lives who supported them to reach who they are today. And as a company, we are proud of all the women in our family who helped us in many different ways in building the global name we hold today.

Our vision does not limit us to recognizing our women but also aspire to support them in following their passions.