Guest Lecture on PWA at SLIIT 

Mr. Waruna Perera and Mr. Shashi De Silva were invited to SLIIT  to talk about Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWA). A development that works like any normal website with certain important features shown in mobile apps, such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access.

Mr. Perera who is a Front End Tech Lead at ISM APAC specializing in Magento along with Mr. De Silva, a Front-end Software Engineer at ISM APAC, shared experiences and their knowledge with over 250 undergraduates from the college.

A graduate from Keele University in Bachelor of Science in Information systems and Biology, with over 13 years of experience had shaped Mr. Perera into a definitive thought leader in the IT sector.

Mr. De Silva, an alumnus from SLIIT in the year 2015 graduated in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc Hons) and has been contributing immensely to our creative front-end development team.

The duo together spoke on the basics of what PWA is and went onto progressing on how the development process works.