Sri Lanka Vs South Africa Match (T20) 

We love Cricket!

On 14th August 2018, clocks became the most important asset in office. As the evening hours passed by, we started writing out our cheerful banners and face painting to go watch a T20 match between the Sri Lankan and the South African cricket teams happening right outside our neighbourhood.

The R. Premadasa stadium was ablaze with the lights and the roaring crowd gushing in from all four corners. And us in SL Cricket t-shirts, wearing Sana coloured hair, sat together with all set to cheer for our motherland.

South Africa won the toss and decided to bat first. After an intense match between the two teams, Lions won the game. It was a moment of pride and happiness to all of us. Especially for being there to witness it all, thanks to ISM APAC who sponsored for us to be there as one or we would have missed all the fun we had that evening.