Sports Day

For the very first time, our party people committee organized a full spectrum of sports activities. All our employees were divided equally with for teams. The teams carried a theme of GOT in their teams such as,
Targayen, Martell, Tyrell and Arryn headed by Bhagya Prabashwara, Indika Kurupu, Shehan Samarasinghe and Nipuna Rhunage respectively.

The whole Sports day was a huge success with some amazing individual results and performances. A massive well done to all who took part in the "Sports Day 2019" and an appreciation to everyone that helped ensuring that this event ended up successfully. We had full spectrum of all the sports activities, the battles were an extremely close fought contest throughout the day with the final placing decided on the track. We also had a video game competition and Choose COD (Call of Duty) We came together reviving our childhood knacks for video games as our gamers formed their teams and battled it out for the grand prize. The main highlight of the match was our very own Chanuka Abeywickrama with his outstanding skills and reflexes which eventually bought his team 70 points and were declared the winners of the tournament.

An inter-company pool tournament was also conducted as a part of the sport day activities, for all the billiard players in the office.  where all the teams engaged in battle to stand out on top. We'd like to specially highlight Ishan Ranasingha and Dilshan Danushka for being the victors and taking the winning points to their respectful team.

In Addition, we organized another pool tournament, simply for the ladies in our office and we had the privilege to witness some great talents along the way. All the teams gave it their best but only one team emerged victorious. We congratulate team Tyrell's Reeshma and Ayani who were declared the victors of the tournament.

 We'd like to specially highlight team Tyrell captained by our very own Shehan Samarasinghe, who became the victors of this glorious competition