Our Management



General Manager/Country Head Fascinated by the impact IT has in our dynamic global society, Gurbe is eager to add value on cutting edge between (international) business, IT and different cultures. He has an educational background in Business Administration, Business Information Management, and high school teaching. He gained experience in Europe, Africa and Asia. Gurbe has a personal belief as to education being the most powerful tool to solve societal and global challenging issues. Traveling to new places, learning from new perspectives and gaining more knowledge are the best personal investments one can make because it will last a lifetime. He is currently operating as the General Manager/Country Head at ISM APAC and a part of the General Council at Slasscom.

Priyantha Bethmage

Operations Director 

With his well-founded knowledge in the field of Software Engineering, which he acquired over the 21+ years in the IT industry, Priyantha has a diligent personality that drives the operational teams to adhere to proper methodologies and execute tasks meeting deadlines. As an undergraduate from the University of Colombo followed by a Master of Business Administration from the University of Moratuwa specialising in information Technology.
he began his career life from the first step in the ladder - software developer, with an MSCD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). As he progressed in his life, Priyantha had played vital roles in many start-ups, both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Through his skills, effort, and knowledge gained, he successfully climbed up the ladder to become the Director of Operations at ISM APAC. Nevertheless, the experience that he gained over the years made him be the good leader he is today, understanding well the pressure of a young software engineer, he is the father to all the operation teams at ISM APAC. Also, Priyantha strongly believe that setting a strong boundary between work and life results in better output. Therefore, his priorities lie level-headed with his family's responsibilities. His exemplary characteristic of being a proud father to his two children is notable amongst everyone in the group.. 


Global IT Director

If "Think big, think differently" was a way of life, Uditha would be the archetype. The entrepreneurial, futuristic leader was one of the first members of ISM APAC and contributed immensely towards the establishment of the company in Sri Lanka. From then, Uditha has not just been a part of the global IT operations but actively supported the HR functions, Branding, and administration functions through strategic decisions to the company as well as the group.

His passion towards sharing knowledge on the global IT industry is renowned among everyone he has come across, despite being a co-worker or an outsider. He is also an outstanding lecturer. Over the recent years, Uditha's fondness towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in cyberspace has got him researching on the subject widely.

One strong point for his success in the industry is his experience in the field and networking.

Uditha believes that living by example is the best way a company could achieve the best of performance, and it is this attitude that led him to win the hearts of people wherever he goes. And of course, it is his love for sports, and cricket mostly, that keeps him fit and young.


Finance Director

Financial Director Numbers are his favourites. Tharanga is famous for his strong and rational personality he displays as the Finance Director of ISM APAC. His academics fall in the field of accountancy with a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration, both from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, followed by a Certified Management Accountants qualification from Australia. His involvement in the scope of finance since 2005, bestowed him with the practical knowledge of handling the financial functions and the act of representing the company to local authorities and concern parties competently. With all the work on his plate, he still finds time to explore the world, going on ventures and experiencing different cultures to tick off from his bucket list pinned to his world map.