Colombo .NET Meetup 

"Knowledge is the key that unlocks all the doors" - Ben Carson

.NET is one of the widely used software frameworks in software development. And hence as a step towards sharing the knowledge on .NET we've gained over the years, ISM APAC organized the Colombo .NET Meetup at the Trace Expert City Auditorium on 12th of September, 2018. The event was graced with over 200 experts with domain expertise and technological competence coming from many different companies, which was one of the most significant moments of the event.

The meetup focused on two most talked about topics, which were Machine Learning and Full Stack Development.

The first half of the meetup focused on Full-stack Web Development with C#, hosted by Ruwantha Rathnayake. Two of the focal points he highlighted during his speech were the introduction of, which is an experimental .NET framework using C# and HTML, and Web Assembly, which is a technology that allows high-level programming languages (like Java, C++, Python) to be executed inside the browser.

The second half of the meetup was conducted by Tuan Cassim and Buddhika Mayadunne who spoke about how Machine Learning could be used to enhance e-commerce using .NET development, with e-commerce being our specialty area.  They both together touched on what machine learning is and how it has been used in chatbots, SaaS platforms, face recognition, etc. in e-commerce websites.

With much delight, we were able to share insights on some very delicate arguments that we believe added value to everyone who attended the meetup.