Magento Meetup 3.0 - 2018 

Magento being a big part of our line of business, it is a duly held responsibility for us to hold the Colombo Magento Meetup on 19th of April, 2018 jointly with Netstarter and SLASSCOM.

The event was a mark of interactive learning and skill-building among Magento developers from different companies who were called upon to gain something new while sharing their knowledge with the rest of the attendees.

A few valuable topics were also addressed by our key speakers, who are industry experts in Magento, Sri Lanka.
  • Conversion Optimization with PWA by Remco Dekkers, the CTO/ Manager Platform team of ISM eCompany
  • Magento Cloud by Tuan Jamion, Senior Software Engineer at Netstarter
  • Content management with BlueFoot CMS jointly by Oshan Perera and Nirmani Fernando, Senior Software Engineer and Magento Front End Developer respectively, both from ISM APAC.

The panel discussion was headed by Duleep Thivanka, who is a Senior Technical Lead at Netstarter.
The event was hosted at H One premises in Colombo, an IT solutions vendor and a subsidiary of the Hirdaramani Group