CSR - සිප්සතරට අරුණැල්ලක්

- Project 2016 -

Water Purifying Filter for the Kahatagahagollawa Vidyala - Project 2016

Chronic Kidney Disease (hereinafter known as CKD) is a major health problem prevailing in many districts of Sri Lanka; vastly in the North Central, North Western, and Uva provinces.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the North Central province had reported an estimate of 20,000 CKD patients with Anuradhapura being the most affected district in the year 2000. The disease had caused many casualties stranding a lot of children in many rural areas.

One such town was Kabithigollawa, which we selected during our appraisal process this year.

Kahatagahagollawa Vidyala is a small school in Kabithigollawa with only 180 students studying in grades from 1 to 11. The school and the village had been largely affected by CKD and many of them lived too far to seek medical attention. After a research, we did in that area, we found that access to clean drinking water could solve the problem to some extent. Considering that, we at ISM APAC committed to invest in fixing a water purifying filter for the school.

- Project 2017 -

Donating one building and a proper sanitation unit for Peramaduwa Vidyalaya - Project 2017

Children are our next generation, and taking care of them is our responsibility. "සිප්සතරට අරුණැල්ලක් - Helping hands for Education" is the mission of our CSR Committee. This is year we selected T/ Kan/ Peramaduwa Vidyalaya, which is a school found in Agbopura, Kanthale towards the border of the Eastern Province and the North Central Province to help in the means we can.

The children and teachers were very nice and humble, but the school lacked proper infrastructure. Building this is the aim of the determined principal who is not only a strong man but also a gift to the school. After hearing about his efforts, we decided to be a support to him and the school by building one building to hold classrooms and a proper washroom for the boys. The project estimated an amount of Rs. 2,000,000 that the committee raised through fundraising activities and donations.

One of these activities was a musical concert conducted in collaboration with a leading Sri Lankan musical band and a few well-known singers. The concert raised a huge sum of money and the rest were funded by the ISM offices worldwide.