Guest Lecture by Samitha Liyanage and Jelmer Spoelstra

For the very time we were able to conduct a guest lecture for the student of University of Colombo school of computing (UCSC) for the third-year undergraduates. These students will be commencing their internship program as a support, we selected the topic of interview facing and CV writing techniques, we were able to witness approximately 250 passionate students.
The session was conducted by our global HR Director- Jelmer Spoelstra and our Human Resource Manager -Samitha Liyanage

In the presentation we covered the following areas. Creating the first impression, components of a CV, non-verbal communication tips during interviews & IT industry preferences etc.  this session was conducted by Samitha Liyanage

And, in more global perspective our global HR director addressed the students by sharing his experience during interviews and how CV are been shortlisted. He also steered the final Q&A session.