Fitness Challange

Staying healthy is one of our top priorities.

Our job keeps us glued to our comfortable chairs most of the time with minimal physical activity. We started a fitness challenge and as the first phase we invited a few medical professionals to guide our employees.

As we kick started the month of February and got ourselves engaged in several Bootcamp sessions and Zumba. to maintain and keep our employees physical fit. It has always been one of our vital concerns to keep them fit and be healthy.

The much awaited Situp challenge was held on the 15th of march with great zeal and excitement along with the Fitness challenge. The event began with our trainer Harshana Kinsly welcoming the esteemed gathering and emphasized the importance of fitness in our day to day life.

The key take away from this session is where the participants gave it their all to gain an attribute of fitness, regardless of being the victors their main prize was more focused towards reaching that level of fitness through sit ups.

We'd like to specially highlight Jeewan Geeganage and Irendra Koswatta for being the victors of this competition.