Employee Value proposition

Work life Balance

Flexible working conditions 
We grant the facility to all our employees with flexible working hours, and work from home if the need arises. The company also has permitted to work from home, in order maintain the culture of proper work life balance, for many, the physical proximity to family and the convenience of being at home are tremendously comforting at times, basically at ISM our intention is to create a working framework that suits the employee the best and makes them the happiest

Office Environment 
Work environments have a significant impact on how well employees are associated and connected with the culture of the company. Starting from displaying the core values that highlights our vision can generate a better understanding of where our company is heading to, and reminding employees how the company should be portrayed

We work closely with a dedicate team of technical experts, after a recent expansion, doubling our office space in 2015, we rebranded our work environment to create an inspiration to all. The environment is bundled with openness, creative meeting room names carrying a concept of Hollywood movies and a bold office space featuring inspirational ‘values’ (Our core values) and stimulating spaces for a bright spark to enjoy

Leave Lieu 
We always value the extra work of an employee. weekends and mercantile holidays are considered to be officially holidays, however in a case an employee works on such day, as a mean of rewards we grand the employee a special leave. employee can apply “Leave in Lieu” approved by the supervisor and relevant BOD, within 30 days If the leave is not utilized, it will be compensated as,
✓1.5 times of a normal day salary for a weekly holiday
✓2 times of a normal day salary for a mercantile holiday


Celebrating achievements at work is a significant part of the productivity cycle. Without taking a moment to celebrate victories both large and small it becomes all too easy to lose sight of what you’re all working towards. Therefore, at ISM we believe that Celebration is a chance to take a pause, to reflect on success and revel into our employee accomplishments.
Teams go out for dinner each quarter to stimulate team spirit among team members. We also grant our employees to celebrate after completing major projects.

Friday Parties 
ISM celebrates every Friday night.  work life balance is an important factor we concentrate and emphasize more on, social life which is also a part of work life balance is enhanced through every Friday night parties.

Global Learning

Meetups/Guest Lectures

We give opportunities for all of employees to be key speakers in industry meetups and conduct university guest lectures with leading universities in Sri Lanka, we also conduct Tech talk sessions are organized periodically as a knowledge sharing initiative where an employee with expertise in a certain field will share his\her knowledge in a talk/presentation.
After each session, we promote the speaker in all our social media platforms giving credentials to his name and identity
This has created room for the individuals to create a significant character in the industry.
University Relations 

University guest lectures are organized periodically as a knowledge sharing initiative where an employee with expertise in a certain field will share his\her knowledge with the university students in a form of a guest lecture, this has helped our employees to develop and sharpen their skill set and to create an identity in the industry.
Knowledge Cafe 
It’s very much important to share required knowledge with co-workers. Therefore, at ISM we have put emphasis on a culture of “Knowledge Sharing rather than Knowledge Hoarding.”
Each team holds its individual knowledge sharing sessions where each team member gets an opportunity to share their knowledge on a selected topic.
Employees are given the freedom to choose any topic which would help to either to improve work or for personal development.

Training and Development 
Employee development involves a combined and on-going focus by employees and their employers to ensure that skills, abilities, and knowledge are constantly being upgraded. For this to be a success, we implemented various development programs.
Project managers and team captains support all team members to develop personal plans of their own. Their expectations and suggestions are taken into consideration by the management when developing overall strategies and plans for the company

Sports and Health

Sports & Health
By supporting the health and wellness of our employees, we are demonstrating a certain degree of social responsibility. We are having the objective of building their reputation as an organization that supports their workforce.
ISM stands out in an exceptional manner by facilitating good health and wellness among for employee resulting in creating a positive environment.
  • We provide a exclusive health insurance in collaboration with an external party for all employees and spouse to be used in times of illness.
  • Also, the company bears the OPD cost separately which is completely excluded from external insurance cover mentioned above
  • Also, the company-initiated yoga and Zumba lessons for employees on every Wednesday evening and Friday morning and the employees show a higher interest in participating
  • Every Tuesday’s and Thursday the company brings down Fruits to the employees to maintain good health condition.
  • We have plants around the office which will help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, noise level and humidity plus increase positive feelings
  • Gym Membership, Swimming Membership facilities
  • Adding personal items to a desk may help reduce stress. Therefore, we encourage our employees to put pictures of loved ones, decorations or artwork to their desks
  • At ISM, we strongly believe that the team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork and play room activities is helping our employees to see each other in a different light allowing them to connect in a different setting.
    • We have the following play room games,
  • Pool Table
  • Foosse ball
  • Carom
  • Dart
  • Chess
  • Musical instruments such guitars, a Cajon and shakers
  • Hora deal, UNO
The playroom concept has collaborated and helped us to maintain our company culture and has accelerated employee bonding, encouraging connectivity between colleagues, also at all time we initiate small strategies of forecasting that having friends at work is a bigger incentive for staying than salary.

Yoga Sessions
Staying healthy is one of our top priorities.
Our job keeps us glued to our comfortable chairs most of the time with minimal physical activity. Although they are designed to relieve us from back pain, humans do need some physical balance for a healthier life. And this is why we introduced the Friday evening Yoga sessions.
Using basic Yoga Asanas, our two professional gurus train us on how to connect our physical body with our soul in order to relax and attain the equilibrium of self-control. Thereby to stretch and strengthen our seldom used muscles codes through breathing, exercising, and meditation.
The sessions welcome the entire staff at ISM SL and it was eminent to see our country head join us despite his busy schedules.
And most importantly, spending time at the yoga sessions has positively