Coders League. 

As a country which is in a deep affection with cricket lots of tournaments are organized throughout the Island nation. This time it's the IT professionals who have gathered to the CMS grounds to test out their cricketing abilities and more importantly to find a relief from their hectic work schedule. We organized a cricket tournament inviting 5 other IT companies in Sri Lanka.
As for the tournament 6 games were played for the first round and top teams were selected from the first round. Each team played two matches and the top 4 teams were selected for the playoffs.
The first match was between Sysco Lab team and ISM APAC team and ISMapac team went on to win the match by 7 wickets to start off their proceedings for the tournament.
Sysco Labs 58/5 (6)
D Udara 16 (9), C Ranasingha 13 (5)
I Jayakody 3/03,
ISM APAC 63/3 ()
I Jayakody 26(7), C Dias 27(11)
N Pallewela 3/17

The second match was between Calcey team and MIT team and MIT team won the toss and elected to bowl first which was seems to be the obvious choice from the captains who won the toss in this tournament. Calcey batted first and only made 49 runs in their 6 overs. And with a staggering start MIT was able to chase down the target with ease.
Calcey Technologies 49/5 (6)
M Mahanama 21(8)
A Edirisinghe 4/02
MIT 53/1 (3)
S Fernando 24(10),
P Hettiwatta 12(5)

The third match was between Sysco lab team and Attune team and Attune won the toss and elected to field first. And in the end, Sysco Labs went on to win the match by 10 runs.
Sysco Labs 71/3 (6)
K Kanakarathnam 29(18), L Wiijesinghe 24(7)
K Perera 2/04
Attune Lanka 61/5 (6)
H Kulatunga 19(15)
N Pallewela 2/08

The fourth match was between Creative software team and Millennium IT team. Creative software won the toss and elected to field once again and in the end, Creative software won the match by 5 wickets. Millennium made 60 runs in their 6 overs but that was not enough against the batting line up of CS team.
Millennium IT 60/3 (6)
P Hettiwatta 30(15)
S Ganepola 2/16
Creative Software team 61/5 (5)
C Ranwala 22*(9)
P Hettiwatta 3/14

The fifth match was between the Undefeated ISM APAC team and Attune Lanka team and Attune team won the toss and elected to field first but soon after ISM players came to bat and proved that the decision was wrong. They made the highest total in the tournament (98) in their 6 overs.
and that was too good for the Attune team.
ISM APAC 98/4 (6)
I Jayakody 52(12), C Dias 20(9)
K Perera 2/29
Attune Lanka 57/9 (6)
N Arsakularathna 36(11)
I Jayakody 2/01, T Dissanayake 2/01
Isuru Jayakody who is one of our talented players scored a staggering half century and that was the first in the tournament. He reached for his half-century in just 10 balls by hitting all the bowlers all around the ground.

The sixth match was between Creative Software team and Calcey Technologies team. This was the last match of the group stages and Creative software won the toss and elected to field first putting Calcey in to bat. They only made 59 runs in their 6 overs and it seems to be an easy target for the CS team considering their performance in the last match. And as the history suggested Creative Software team went on to win the match quite comfortably.
Calcey Technologies 58/3 (6)
M Mahanama 38(17)
D Meegoda 1/06
Creative Solution 62/1 (4.1)
M Gunasekara 30*(13)

That was the end of the group stages as ISM APAC, Creative software, Millenium IT and Sysco Labs were able to make it through to the semi-finals.
The 1st Semifinal was between millennium IT and ISM APAC teams and ISAM APAC won the toss and elected to bowl first for the second time in the tournament. ISM APAC team had the ideal start for the Semifinal by picking up 4 wickets for just 11 runs and it was Isuru Jayakody with the ball this time who picked up 3 wickets in his first over. There were some dropped catches in the field but at the end of the day, ISM APAC team was able to restrict the MIT team to a total of 60 in courtesy of some aggressive batting from Maduranga and Heshan (29 & 20 respectively). This was a moderate total considering the performances of the whole tournament and certainly, MIT needed some special performance to defend their total.

Two openers came into the middle for the run chase and the start was not good once again for ISM APAC team as they lost their first wicket for 9 runs but that was of it! Dissanayake made it look so easy to go for big shots as he hammered 5 sixers off Edirisingha's over. He got his team to an easy position at the end of 3 overs as they cruised for 45 runs with just losing 2 wickets. And Dias played some staggering shots to wrap things up for their team. And ISM APAC won the match quite comfortably by 8 wickets and to qualify for finals.
Millennium 60/4 (6)
N Maduranga 29(11), R Heshan 20(13)
I Jayakody 3/06
ISM APAC 67/2 (4.2)
T Dissanayake 44(14), C Dias 12(7)
P Hettiwatta 2/17

The second semi-final was between Creative software and Sysco lab team and Sysco team won the toss and elected to field first putting Creative Software into bat. The start with the ball was so impressive from Sysco lab team as they were able to restrict the opposition team to a total of 20 after 2 overs after picking up 2 wickets.
But since then CS batsmen were able to pile up some good scores and at the end of 4th over scoreboard was standing at a total of 62 for 2 wickets and they were able to end their innings with a blazing total of 95 for 6 wickets. This total seems to a well defendable total as it was the second highest total of the tournament.

Two openers from Sysco lab came in to bat and they went after the bowling from the very first over itself as two consecutive sixes were hit by Wijesinghe and 20 runs were scored from the first over. The momentum was carried out by Pallewela and rest of the top order as they reached for 50 in 3 overs. And things went in the Sysco Labs way as they needed 19 runs in the last over to qualify for the finals. M Gunawardana was able to pick up a wicket from the very first ball itself. But Pallewela made sure that his team gets over the line with three consecutive sixes over mid-wicket. And with the last six over the deep mid-wicket fielder's head, they reserved their spot in the final with ISM APAC team.
Creative Software 95/4 (3)
L Perera 32(10)
D Udara 2/19
Sysco Labs 96/4 (5.5)
N Pallewela 48*(15)
M Gunasekara 2/22

The Final match was between ISM APAC team and Sysco Lab team. Top two teams went on to test out their luck with the toss and Sysco lab won the toss and elected to field first. ISM APAC had the perfect start with the bat as they piled up 52 runs without losing a wicket in 3 overs. Even though they lost their set batsman Dias for 46 runs Isuru Jayakody joined the party with two consecutive sixers but soon after that, he was also dismissed for 14 runs. But they went on to make 89 runs in their 6 overs which was a very good total in the finals.

Sysco Lab openers came in to bat to chase down a target of 90, They chased down a target of 96 in the semi-finals so that potential must definitely increase their chances in this final. ISM APAC was once again exceptional with the ball as they only concealed 15 runs in the first two overs and a wicket. But the batting team gain some momentum with Nugawella but with his dismissal, things started to change for the batting side as too many wickets fell down in quick succession. The equation was simple in the last over as the Sysco team needed 35 runs from the last over. And it was too much for the Sysco team as they were only able to make 70 runs in their 6 overs and in the end, ISM APAC went on to be the champions of this year's Coders League tournament!
ISM APAC 89/2 (6)
C Dias 46(16), S Rajapaksha 21(7)
N Pallewela 1/13
Sysco Labs Sri Lanka 70/6 (6)
C Ranasingha 24(15)
I Jayakody 4/10

This years tournament went on to be a very much successful one as it was filled with entertainment and full of excitements. A charm but majestic opening ceremony was organized by the committee and the individual awards were distributed as follow
Best batsman - Chamil Dias
Best Bowler - Isuru Jayakody
Man of the tournament - Isuru Jayakody