Our Weekend Getaway in 2018 

Work-life balance is a must for better productivity, and traveling with the ones we love is exciting. The only annual event that dedicates to both these wants is our ever-loved office trip.

This time our destination took us a little further away from the busy towns and into a total relaxation in a beautiful place blossomed in greenery and lakes.

The long drive itself was memorable. The busses were filled with laughter and joy. Some were singing, while some were chatting, and in the midst of all the loudness were some who even napped. Babies playing and mothers gossiping, the whole place was lit up with excitement. On our way to Habarana, we halted at two pit stops for tea and then for lunch. By 2 o'clock in the evening, we reached our destination: Habarana Village and Lodge by Cinnamon.

The 2-day stay at Cinnamon Habarana had so much to offer. The evening was well spent together, blowing soap bubbles and rocking in the hammocks tied between the trees. Singing with the Calypso the night we stayed enlightened us with the singers we had in our family. Listening to the sweet songs, watching the children play and feeling the light breeze from the lake brought life to all of us. As the night faded in we celebrated two birthdays of our members singing happy birthday and cutting a cake.

The night was still young after dinner when the DJ started rolling in the hall. We danced to the music until it was half-past eleven and celebrated another birthday with a surprise!

The next day morning continued the excitement. With kids activities, cycling, badminton, and swimming, everyone enjoyed the stay, getting to know each other and of course building team spirit.

After having lunch, we packed to set sail. Saying goodbye to the hotel was sad. Looking back at the pictures we took and remembering the fun we had, we drove close to six hours with one stop in between for evening tea.

The trip turned out to be delightful and much more than what we expected. Hats off to our Party People for they had done a great job organizing everything and we enjoyed every bit of it.