Reviews From Happy People

Kushal Geeganage

Project Manager

We are privileged with flexible working hours that give us the freedom to balance our personal errands with work. This is a big relief to me being as a family oriented person.

Vajramali Fonseka

Senior HR Executive

ISM APAC feels like a second family to me. We have the freedom to voice our opinion and be a part of the group actively. The company also celebrates and recognizes our work. One such example was the Women's Day Celebration we had this year.

Prathap Mylvaganam

Senior Software Engineer

I have been with the company for the past 04 years and have experienced an immense career growth in my life. We are all very well exposed to new leanings as everyone here is ready to help.

Okanda Wadithra

Jr.Systems & Network Engineer

Joining ISM APAC was not just starting a new job at a new place, it was a warm welcome to a big family. We literally have a family tree on what a photo of me was stuck when I joined. One more thing not to forget is the Friday evenings when everyone at the office chills and party.

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