Daughter Companies ISM eCompany

ISM eCompany partly consists of different daughter companies. These autonomous daughters are not only part of ISM eCompany, but also operate under their own brand names in the market.

In Brain -logo -orange -vierkant
inBrain consists of a team of enthusiastic learning professionals. Driven by their love for the job they create learning solutions for a wide range of clients. inBrain believes in the strategic necessity of learning to help people and organizations grow. They add to this cause by understanding the synergy between learning, technology and business.

For more information, visit inBrain's website.

EasyGenerator is a renowned SaaS environment for e-Learning. By assessing both current and future e-Learning needs and opportunities, EasyGenerator offers an environment for next-generation e-Learning.

For more information, visit EasyGenerator's EasyGenerator's website.

Direct e-Commerce advice?
Direct e-Commerce advice?