Starting a career in a tech company: what I’ve learnt so far

10 maart 2017

On January 19th, 2015, I walked into an office to start my first job. I’ve always felt nervous meeting new people, so this didn’t feel any different. “Suck it up, smile and try to strike up a conversation somehow. Get to know as many people as I can,” I told myself. But, despite my best efforts, I ended up not talking to many people and my introversion prevailed. Even though I started off at a company which develops e-commerce solutions, my role was not in tech. I was doing online market research and data entry. The majority of my colleagues were software engineers, so I did have a difficult time fitting in at first. But the months passed by and things turned out great. I met some great new people, learned a lot about the industry, and overall, I felt that I made the right choice by joining a tech company. So, based on my two short years of experience, here’s what I’ve learnt so far working in tech. Perhaps they’d be useful to you if you too are planning to choose this path.


10 februari 2017

The world is evolving fast. Compared to the preceding century the rapidity of human advancement happens at a radical speed. We have learned more things during the last decade than the last century. We all say that one phrase “Omg did that happen one year ago? It only felt like a couple of months.” One might bring out an argument what makes time travel fast. As simple as it sounds, time is not absolute, it’s relative. We are the manipulators of our own time and space. You can take the discussion further talking about relative time, space and time continuum etc. But the idea is to differentiate what matters the most to least in your life.

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